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Large Vision Models
  • 🔄 Foundation Models` Impact: SAM, DALL-E2, and GPT-4 are transforming AI applications.
  • 🚧 Challenges in VFMs for Autonomous Driving: Limited data and complex tasks hinder vision foundation model (VFM) development.
  • 🔍 Key VFM Development Insights: A review of 250 papers dissects essential techniques.
  • 🛣️ Roadmap and Resource: The paper outlines a future research roadmap and introduces Forge VFM4AD, an open-access repository for the latest advancements in VFMs for autonomous driving.
LLM AI Agent Progress
Mod - Wed - Fri
  • 🧠 IPAs Evolution & Limits: Examines intelligent personal assistants` evolution, highlighting challenges in user interactions, like understanding intent.
  • 🤖 LLMs for Personal Agents: Explores how large language models shape Personal LLM Agents, seen as a major paradigm for autonomous problem-solving.
  • 🌐 Vision & Steps Forward: Outlines the vision for Personal LLM Agents, addressing key questions and taking initial steps towards intelligent, efficient, and secure agents.
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